Create Your Own


Choose one from each section:

Timothy McVeigh (or person of your choice) and...

___ OJ;
___ Vince Foster;
___ The Unabomber;
___ Deep Throat;
___ Jimmy Hoffa;
___ The National Geographic Society;
___ The cast of "Friends"
___ Other (fill in the blank)

In League with...

___ Heaven's Gate;
___ The Mickey Mouse Club;
___ The Church of Scientology;
___ The Trilateral Commission;
___ The AARP;
___ The Stanford Marching Band;
___ Barney
___ Other (fill in the blank)

Met Secretly...

___ Behind the grassy knoll;
___ In Jonestown;
___ On Hale-Bopp;
___ In a pumpkin patch;
___ On a blind date;
___ On the Geraldo Rivera Show
___ Other (fill in the blank)

To Plot the Destruction of...

___ The World Wide Web;
___ The National Endowment for the Arts;
___ Wal-Mart;
___ The New World order;
___ Professional wrestling;
___ Algebra
___ Other (fill in the blank)

In Order to...

___ Overthrow the government;
___ Lose weight;
___ Win the Lotto;
___ Get in touch with their feelings;
___ Find the real killers;
___ Make a bundle on movie rights;
___ Get chicks
___ Other (fill in the blank)

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